Washington Express is operating as normal and has the capability to pick-up, print, assemble and deliver or mail your documents.
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research & Retrieval

Our legal team will research, locate and retrieve your important documents from any local, state and Federal agency, in some cases same day.

research & retrieval

Allow us to research and retrieve your requested documents and files from any local, state or Federal courthouse or government agency, Library of Congress and more.

local experts

Washington Express has operated in DC for 40 years, so our team knows the ins and outs of all local court procedures and deadlines. Our expert legal team will ensure you receive accurate and thorough case information.

same day turnaround

We offer the industry's fastest retrieval turnaround times, in many cases we are able to send you electronic copies of your documents same day.

online technology

Our online ordering and tracking system allows you to track the status of your request in real-time, 24/7/365.

about us

Founded in 1981, Washington Express (WEX) is the region’s largest logistics service offering complete legal filing and courier service to every courthouse and government agency in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our staff and legal couriers have extensive knowledge of all court and agency deadlines, locations, protocol and procedures.¬†

common documents

  • Answers, Briefs & Complaints
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Expert Witness Testimony¬†
  • International Court Retrieval
  • Motions, Opinions & Transcripts
  • Article Retrieval
  • Authentications, Legalizations & Apostilles
  • Insurance Commissions
  • Library Copying & Reviews
  • Open Records Acts, FOIAs & FOILS

common retrieval sites

  • Local Courts
  • State Courts
  • Federal Courts
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • U.S. Court of Appeals
  • Library of Congress Copyright Office
  • Patent & Trademark Office (PTO)

Service features

We are more than a research & retrieval service, we are your Washington, DC legal liason. We will provide an upfront estimate of the time required to retrieve your documents (at a low, hourly fee for easy billing), communicate all status updates or issues and submit requested documents to you electronically or hard copy or both.

  • Standard Service: Delivered Next Day by COB
  • Rush Service: Delivered Same Day by COB
  • Layout of all filing fees and related costs (if applicable)

Contact us

For scheduling or pricing inquiries, please call us at (301) 210-3500 or email info@washingtonexpress.com for more info. 

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