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registered agent services

Protect your business with one of Washington DC’s most dependable registered agent services. Proudly serving the largest law firms, Fortune 1000 companies and private businesses since 1981.

Registered Agent

As a registered agent, we can receive and forward your documents and certified mail on your behalf to your entity's designated contact.

certificates of good standing

We can order certificates in all 50 states and D.C. as evidence you have satisfied your annual report, franchise tax and other obligations.

Annual Report Reminders

We'll send you an electronic and hard copy reminder to file your annual reports so you aren't stuck paying late fees.

apostilles & authentication

We provide prompt and reliable document legalization, authentication and certification services to every Embassy and agency in the DC metro region.

why hire a registered agent?

Every corporation and LLC must designate and maintain a registered agent in any state which it does business. While you can register to become your own registered agent, hiring a service eliminates unnecessary risk. As a client of Washington Express, you’ll benefit from our wealth of experience, service network and dependability. You may want to hire a registered agent if you’d like to:

  • Avoid risk of unanswered official communication by assigning an outside entity
  • Maintain your privacy through the use of a Registered Agent
  • Vary your business hours without the risk of missing critical document delivery while you’re away
  • Save on the costs of operating a physical location in DC if your main location is elsewhere

what we do

For $350/year we will:

  • Receive and forward to you any service of process, legal documents and official state level communication on your behalf
  • Maintain an actual physical address (no P.O. box), with normal business hours, in the District of Columbia to accept any legal documents and mail
  • Upload and keep complete record of all communication received on your behalf. Documents are immediately sent to you electronically and in hard copy form
  • Retain comprehensive records of all transactions, litigation and service of process we’ve completed on your company’s behalf
  • Timely and thorough communication to remind your business to file required annual reports

what is service of process?

Service of process is a notice that there is a lawsuit filed against the LLC or corporation. Usually, this means serving the defendant with a summons. But in the case of an LLC or corporation, the summons is served on the registered agent. By serving process on the registered agent, the court obtains jurisdiction over the corporation or LLC. Other critical documents we may receive are: 

  • Notice of garnishment proceedings against an employee
  • Litigation documents including motions or requests to produce documents
  • Legal notices
  • Government correspondence, such as notices of annual report deadlines and tax notifications

what happens to my business if I don't have a registered agent?

As having a registered agent is required by law, failing to have one can cost your business good standing in that state. You could lose the ability to secure loans or initiate lawsuits in your state of business. At Washington Express, we offer timely and reliable communication to your company to prevent risk of penalties and liability of unanswered service of process.  

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