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dc linestanding

Congressional, Judicial Hearing & Event Linestanding in Washington, D.C.

court linestanding

We offer professional, competitively priced line standing services for congressional and judicial hearings.

event linestanding

Secure your spot and allow us to stand in line for you to gain entry into high-demand events.

hearing monitoring

We constantly monitor the demand for individual hearings so we can accurately suggest the proper start time.

easy meet-ups

We'll provide you with the cell phone # of our staff member for easy meet ups the day of.

about us

Washington Express (WEX), a leader in D.C. area courier services, provides professional, competitively priced line-standing and seat-holding services for congressional and judicial hearings along with high-demand local events. For over 20 years, we have developed significant expertise in all details of seat-holding and line-standing services. 

service highlights

  • Our rate for linestanding is $45/hr with a 3 hour minimum.
  • We constantly check the demand for individual hearings so we can accurately suggest the proper line standing start times. 
  • We regularly survey committee websites to check for hearing re-locations and postponements so that your line standing is done at the right place and time. 
  • We will call you and suggest an earlier linestanding or seatholding start time if the demand for a particular hearing appears to exceed available seating in that room. *While we have a very high success rate, we cannot always guarantee entry/purchase for high profile events. 

how to order

When requesting line standing services, please have the following information ready. 

  • Building name
  • Hearing room number
  • Name of committee and the name or topic of the hearing
  • Time and date of hearing
  • Time you want us to start waiting
  • Name of the person attending the hearing
  • Hearing attendee’s cell phone number

WEX will also provide you with the cell phone number of our staff member doing your linestanding upon request. If desired, we will call your attendee’s cell phone 15 minutes before the hearing begins to determine their estimated time of arrival. For security purposes, our linestanding person will ask your attendee for a business card or ID to verify their identity.

supreme court linestanding

If you are interested in Supreme Court line standing, please review our guide below to ensure your request goes smoothly. 

Supreme Court Line Standing Guide

Contact us

For scheduling or pricing inquiries, please call us at (301) 210-3500 or email info@washingtonexpress.com for more info. 

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