Washington Express is operating as normal and has the capability to pick-up, print, assemble and deliver or mail your documents.
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Not located in DC?

If you are out-of-town and need something filed at or delivered to a court, agency, company or residence in the metro DC area immediately, you can email your documents to us. We can scan, print out, collate and deliver your legal filings, motions, etc. to any court, agency or anywhere in the DC area.

The WEX Advantage

Our couriers are specially trained in court and agency protocols and procedures and have served DC's major law firms and government agencies for four decades. We undestand the importance of proper security and chain-of custody when handling your documents. Washington Express offers live tracking so you can keep tabs on your delivery or document retrieval every step of the way with online order tracking and live email and text alerts.

Common Documents

  • Pre-Merger Filings
  • Dockets
  • FOIA Requests

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