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Washington Express Movers Standard Terms

The following terms and conditions cover only the loading, transportation, and unloading of those items identified for moving and/or the services specified in this proposal. Washington Express Movers (WEXM) services are offered subject to the following:


  1. All work will be completed in a professional manner according to standard industry practices.
  2. Washington Express Movers is due all monies as contracted unless termination of said contract is agreed to, in writing, by both parties.
  3. Total charges apply only for quantities and/or services or any part thereof set forth in the proposal. WEXM reserves the right to make additional billings for delays that are not caused by Washington Express Movers, including but not limited to fire alarms, bomb scares, directions of governmental agencies, extreme weather conditions, trade union jurisdictional disputes, strikes, or other similar unforeseen delays. Washington Express Movers will make its best efforts to minimize the cost of any such delays.
  4. Any alterations or deviations from specifications listed in this proposal that involve extra labor, equipment, or additional time may result in an adjustment of the quoted price in the form of additional charges. Such charges will be due and payable in accordance with the terms of payment listed in this proposal.
  5. At the time of the move, if the customer requests additional items to be moved or disposed of and this change results in additional services provided, charges for such will be assessed at Washington Express Movers’s applicable rate schedule in effect at the time.
  6. The contract will apply only when the following conditions exist at both origin(s) and destination(s) for the entire duration of the move(s):
    1. There must be adequate light, heat, air and power.
    2. Washington Express Movers must have the exclusive and uninterrupted use of the agreed upon number of elevators.
    3. Adequate loading and unloading areas must be made available and free of trash, construction equipment, other non-related furniture, or similar obstructions.
    4. Construction, renovation, or decorating work must not be in such a state as to impede the move. This includes, but is not limited to: carpet laying, tiling, painting, and carpentry work.
    5. The doors, agreed upon prior to execution of the contract, to be used for loading and unloading must be available.
  7. All furniture shall be placed once at the destination(s) as directed by the customer or in accordance with the floor plans.
  8. Cancellation, or any changes, must be made at least 24 hours prior to the move. Should a crew be dispatched due to the lack of notice, the customer will be charged according to the hourly rates and minimums in effect at the time.

Our personnel represent our inventory of skilled professionals. In consideration of the furnishing of our employees to perform work on behalf of your company, you agree not to employ any of our employees for a period of one (1) year from the date they performed work for your organization, or any related organization. In the event you wish to hire one of our employees directly during the one (1) year period, you agree to pay our Company a ten thousand ($10,000) dollar conversion fee, which shall be payable within ten (10) days from the date you hire our employee. Failure to pay timely may result in legal action for recovery including but not limited to related legal expenses and interest on the unpaid balance at 18% per annum. Our Company shall be defined as The Washington Express Movers or any of its subsidiaries.


  1. Payment is due upon submission of the invoice in accordance with the above stated terms. Accounts outstanding for more than 30 days will bear interest at the rate of 1-1/2 percent per month (18% APR) on the unpaid balance.
  2. Should it be necessary for Washington Express Movers to engage an attorney or agency to enforce its right of payment under this contract, the customer agrees to pay all costs and expenses of collection, including attorney’s fees of up to 33% of the invoice totals


  1. Comprehensive liability insurance coverage is carried by Washington Express Movers for all items handled by us while performing a move and while under our complete and total control.
  2. Items of value (i.e., electronic equipment, artwork, high-value furniture, etc.) exceeding $5,000 per piece must be declared prior to being moved. Failure to provide this itemized list of high value items will limit our liability.
  3. Claims will not be valid unless:
    1. Presented in writing within five (5) working days after completion of the job.
    2. Payment is made according to the terms of the proposal.
  4. Washington Express Movers reserves the right of first refusal to make all repairs.
  5. Washington Express Movers assumes no liability on articles packed or unpacked by anyone other than ourselves, nor does the company assume any liability for any concealed item, unless caused and accompanied by external damage.
  6. Washington Express Movers will not accept liability for missing items unless such items are considered missing while they are in our complete and total control, or if it can be proven that there was gross negligence on the part of our personnel. Should either and/or both possibilities exist, claims for missing items will only be honored provided they are presented in writing within five (5) working days following completion of the job.
  7. Our personnel are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.


  1. Neither party is responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this contract, if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event caused by an Act of God. [ ].
  2. Where there is an event caused by an Act of God, the party prevented from or delayed in performing its obligations under this contract must immediately notify the other party giving full particulars of the event and the reasons for the event preventing that party from, or delaying that party in performing its obligations under this contract and that party must use its reasonable efforts to mitigate the effect of the event upon its or their performance of the contract and to fulfil its or their obligations under the contract. [ ].
  3. Upon completion of the event, the party affected must as soon as reasonably practicable recommence the performance of its obligations under this contract. Where the party affected is the contractor, the contractor must provide a revised program rescheduling the works to minimize the effects of the prevention or delay caused by the event. [ ].
  4. An event does not relieve a party from liability for an obligation which arose before the occurrence of that event, nor does that event affect the obligation to pay money in a timely manner which matured prior to the occurrence of that event. [ ].
  5. The contractor has no entitlement and the project company has no liability for: (a) any costs, losses, expenses, damages or the payment of any part of the contract price during an event caused by an Act of God and (b) any delay costs in any way incurred by the contractor due to an event caused by an Act of God.”

WEXM assumes liability for damages to all items handled by our personnel during the course of providing your moving and storage services. Our liability is limited to the sum of $.60 per pound per item for furniture and $5.00 per pound per item for electronics unless the owner has requested greater valuation at the agreed upon rate for Full Replacement Valuation. Costs related to valuation selection are in addition to quoted prices.

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