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Our Team

Meet Our Management

Gil Carpel

Managing Member/Chairman

Email: gil.carpel@washingtonexpress.com

Gil Carpel is the Managing Member and Chairman of Washington Express, a 40 year old same-day logistics firm based in Beltsville, Maryland and serving business customers in Metro DC. Washington Express has several operating divisions that handle courier related functions for their clients, including: Washington Express Movers, Washington Express Visa and Documents and Axis Washington, a time critical, domestic and international air service. Washington Express currently handles more than 1000 deliveries daily for its commercial and law firm customers. Prior to Washington Express, Carpel was a founding partner and then CEO of Sky Courier Network, an air express company based in Reston, VA with offices in several US and International cites.

Michael “Mike” Miller


Mike Miller entered the courier industry in 1985 as a sales representative at Sky Courier Network. Mike then joined Gil Carpel at Washington Express, which was formed from the former Washington D.C. courier operations of Sky Courier, when Sky Courier was sold in 1987. Mike manages the company’s marketing, sales, and customer relations, which have been key to the overall success of Washington Express in becoming the #1 local courier service in the Washington Metro area.

Samuel Mnkande


Email: sam.mnkande@washingtonexpress.com

Sam MnKande has more than 30 years experience in the courier industry, starting with Executive Courier and then with Washington Express. He manages all of the day-to-day operations for the company, developing tactical plans and strategies that have led to the company’s high on time service standards and it’s overall success.

David Rapoport

Member/Chief Financial Officer

Email: david.rapoport@washingtonexpress.com

David began his career with Washington Express in 2008 and as our Director of Finance and Administration, he oversees all aspects of business planning, finance, human resources and administration. His strong organizational and leadership qualities have become pivotal in the development, tracking and achievement of current and long-term organization goals. David oversees company objectives, policies and procedures for Washington Express.

Courtney Leonard

Director of Marketing & Customer Accounts

Email: courtney.leonard@washingtonexpress.com

With over 15 years of industry experience, Courtney serves as our Director of Marketing and Customer Accounts, providing consultative guidance and support to our Washington Express customers. Courtney began her career as a Customer Service Representative at Washington Express, developing client relationships and building her extensive experience and leadership skills in the logistics industry. Now, Courtney acts as a liaison for seamless communication, follow-through and nurturement of client relationships. In coordination with our administration and marketing teams, Courtney develops and oversees implementation of marketing strategies, including campaigns, events and implementation of brand strategy.

Chad Thomas

Director of Technology & Operations

Email: chad.thomas@washingtonexpress.com

With more than 10 years experience in the Washington DC logistics and delivery market, Chad brings a level of expertise and experience vital to Washington Express. His meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach to technology has been pivotal in the success of our daily operations and advancement of numerous technological features available to our clients, such as our live order tracking and automated alerts. Chad began his career as a dispatcher with Washington Express and now oversees day-to-day office management tasks and dispatch oversight. Understanding the industry firsthand, he ensures all customer standards and regulations are satisfied. This enables Washington Express to provide the quick, professional and reliable service to its clients.

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