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Howard Retires After 25 Years

May 23, 2019 Staff Spotlight

Howard Dublin- Site Manager

Tell us a little bit about your years as a DC police officer.  

I’m originally from Connecticut and after 6 years in the Marine Corps I was stationed at Quantico Marine Corps Base which later led to my 10 years as a DC police officer. I’ve seen a lot and witnessed the first president to ever be impeached. That was an experience I’ll never forget.

How did you get into the courier industry?

I saw an ad and was attracted to the freedom that’s comes along with being a courier and the ability to be my own boss. I started out as a biker which kept me in shape and kept me busy. After Gil Carpel took over the company, he offered me a position as an in-house site manager and the rest is history. I’ve worked with other law firms but have been with Akin Gump for about 14 years now.  Everyone can count on me to get things done.

You’ve been known as an ambassador at Akin, any memorable moments or experiences with customers that stand out to you over the years?

Washington Express and Akin have been great to me over the years. It’s easy to enjoy your job when you enjoy the people and the work. I really admire Mike and Gil and they’ve been very supportive to me over the years as mentors.

What stands out to me the most is how much the courier industry has changed. When I first came on the scene there was no faxing or online filings. Couriers carried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Library loads were huge and we picked up books all day long for inter library loans. I’ve seen the courier business transform from what I call the ‘prehistoric time’ to the ‘millennial generation’.

I also saw things drastically change after 9/11. Before then, you could walk into any government building and go straight to the room. We knew the secretaries and were friendly with the employees. With new security measures, that doesn’t exist anymore. A lot has changed.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working? 

I like to coach and mentor our youth. I work with Beacon House as an adviser and work as a varsity football coach and mentor at Dunbar High School in DC. My son and I also coach/mentor the varsity basketball team at Rock Creek Christian Academy in Upper Marlboro. So I’m a pretty busy guy. But I love to get away and travel as well. I’ve been all over to the Cayman Islands, Alaska and Central America. I’ve had some fun adventures.

How do you plan to spend your retirement?

Continuing to work as a coach and mentor and spend more time with my grandkids. But it’s been a great ride with Washington Express and I’ve enjoyed my time and work.

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