Work with the Best Couriers in DC

Washington Express has the lowest courier turnover in the industry. We retain well paid, experienced “career” couriers who take pride in their jobs and provide outstanding customer service. If you can contribute to our team of professionals, there are many benefits.

Please Note: We are currently looking for quality messengers who can pass a U.S. Government background check. To pass this, you need good credit (no past due debts), you can't owe back taxes, and you can't have any felony arrests or convictions. $250 bonus paid for completion of application, passing background check & receiving clearance.

Benefits of Working with WEX

There are many advantages to working with Washington Express.

  • Customers pay gas-adjusted prices
  • Highest rates paid
  • More courier work than any other DC messenger company
  • Higher pay rate on jobs after hours, on weekends & major holidays
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Payout summary available online
  • Direct deposit to the bank of your choice
  • High quality, professional uniforms

Ready to take the first step?

Review our job listings and apply online today.